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IV Infusions

Say hello to the complete health experience you’ve been looking for.

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Thirst Quencher

Why would I choose this IV?
Basic hydration/ Electrolyte balance/ hydration maintenance/ Expectant (pregnant) people

Always thirsty? If your answer is yes, this is your best option to get started on IV drips.  Direct route to promoting your body’s health and wellness is by staying hydrated. 


IV Nurse’s Thirst Quencher Hydration IV will aid you to feel revitalized and refreshed. Basic benefits include improving blood supply to vital organs, restoring your PH balance, and improving brain function.

The perfect create your own option- vitamin add-ons available!

What's My Age Again?

Why would I choose this IV?
Anti-Aging/ Hair, Skin and Nails/ Beauty/ Post operative support

What does it mean to have supple skin? IV Nurse defines it as skin that is clear in appearance, soft to the touch and radiant to look at. Is your skin that way?


Restore your radiance with our Anti-Aging IV.  Your hair, skin and nails will love you for it.  Have an important event coming up?  Simply want to shine from within?  This is the IV for you!


Glowing and supple skin is what we are all looking for.  IV Nurses’ infusion has a unique blend of hydration, b and c vitamins and electrolytes that balance the pH levels of your body and help it reach a homeostatic (balanced) state. Don’t forget to get that extra glutathione- the master antioxidant that helps detox your liver and helps with healthy hair, skin, and nails.


Why would I choose this IV?
Fitness recovery/ Pre & Post sports event/ Energy Boost

When we are at the gym, running a marathon, obstacles or sporting competition event, we push our bodies to the absolute max.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, CROSSing from couch potato to training or just HIITing #weightgoals everyday- this infusion is for you.


Recovery at a cellular level is important for our muscles to grow healthy and strong.  Formulated for athletes (and athletes in training), this IV nutrition drip is aimed to help you reduce recovery time and achieve maximum output.

The Armor (Immunity)

Why would I choose this IV?
Everyday health maintenance/ Preparing for vacation or travel

Supercharge your immune system to fight off illness with a combination of electrolytes and vitamins like vitamin C, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and more to help boost your energy levels and improve your overall health and wellness. Add-on available up to one liter of hydration to help your immune system by staying hydrated and strong.

Health Maintenance & Optimization

Why would I choose this IV?
Gut health/ Overall immune support/ Nutrition & Absorbency/ Post operative Support

You already live a healthy and balanced lifestyle- congratulations for acheiving such an important #lifegoal! 

But you feel that you can benefit from time to time from a balanced IV Infusion.  Look no further than the Health maintenance and Optimization drip.  With all basic essentials, you can schedule this service once or twice a month and you'll fell completed in your wellness journey. 

La Placita

Why would I choose this IV?
Hangover Relief/ Jet Lag/  Weddings/ Bachelorette/ Bachelor

Why spend an entire day recuperating? Traveling across different time zones? You can be more productive or enjoy a well-deserved vacation by booking La Placita IV Therapy. It’ll help reacclimate your body to the changes in time zone, give you the energy you need to start a new day and recover quicker! 

This drip can help alleviate headaches, nausea, lethargy and get you back on your feet with a boost of energy and ultimate hydration.

It’s essential to reintroduce vitamins into your body after drinking alcohol or traveling from city to city.

Breath of Fresh Air

Why would I choose this IV?
COVID-19/ Mycoplasma/ Influenza recovery

You're sick.  You have a positive test result.  You're tired.

This is your recovery IV, look no further!  

This IV will aid your recovery and shorten the time of your symptoms (you do not have to wait for a negative test result, yes, we see actively sick people).  A specially formulated blend packed with antioxidants, high dose vitamins, minerals and non-narcotic pain medication; potent Vitamin D and other amino acids for the ultimate boost.

On antibiotics or monoclonal therapy?  This drip can help with your sluggish dehydration symptoms as well.

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