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Are You Expecting?

"While nausea and vomiting of pregnancy in general is estimated to occur in 50 to 90% of all pregnancies,

hyperemesis gravidarum is estimated to occur in .5 to 2% of pregnant women."


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IV Hydration Support

Many theories of symptoms of hyperemesis gravid arum are based on these coexisting with HG and it is not yet clear if they cause hyperemesis or result from HG. For example, many affected women are unable to tolerate vitamins and normal nutrition in pregnancy and therefore may develop vitamin deficiencies, thyroid, and other metabolic disturbances. 

The first trimester is the most challenging for mothers.  Morning sickness, feeling of nausea, unable to eat well, hormonal changes, food aversions, heartburn, constipations- the list goes on.

The diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum should lead to immediate hospitalization of an affected individual in order to restore fluids and replace electrolytes by infusing medication and fluids through veins (intravenously).

Food should not be given through the mouth until vomiting stops and dehydration has been corrected. Instead, food may be supplied by way of the intestines (enteral feeding) or by injection through some other route (parenteral feeding).

HG is the second leading cause of hospitalization in early pregnancy and is more common in non-white and Asian populations. In addition, emergency department visits for HG are on the rise with over 285,000 visits per year in United States in 2014. 

I am here to support you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Laboratory Testing

Several routine lab tests are done early in pregnancy, including

  • Complete blood count (CBC)

  • Basic or Complete Metabolic Panel (BMP/ CMP)

  • Blood type and Rh factor

  • urinalysis and urine culture

  • Indirect Coombs

  • RPR

  • TSH

  • Vitamin D and B12


Also, pregnant people typically are tested for specific diseases and infections early in pregnancy, including

  • Rubella titers

  • Hepatitis B and hepatitis C

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

  • Tuberculosis (TB)

  • Sickle Cell Screen

  • Cystic Fibrosis

Additional Tests:

  • Glucose Tolerance test (1-3 hours)

  • Genetic disorders or abnormalities (12-20 weeks gestation)


If you have a test and it is not mentioned here but you'd like to schedule a home visit, feel free to send a picture of your doctor's script through WhatsApp.

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The ima Package
ima: אִמָּא mother, greatness

I've had the opportunity and privilege to serve mothers in North Carolina and in Puerto Rico as a doula since 2008.  


As of 2020, I am no longer offering these services as I am embarking in a new path in this amazing journey/ calling and begin my training as a midwifeI invite you to learn more about the midwifery practice in Puerto Rico by visiting this link or this link!

The ima package is an ode to an amazing doula in Puerto Rico.

What is included in the ima package?

  • 6 weeks of basic hydration (one visit per week)

  • Up to 2 liters of liquid

  • Phlebotomy service for 1st trimester labs

    • Doctor's order required, lab work deductible not included


Add-ons available at additional cost:

  • ima blend: (curated blend of vitamins)

  • nausea/ vomit medication (written doctor's authorization required)

If you are interested in contracting IV Nurse as part of your home birth team, feel free to contact me at

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